QJ Quartz Stone is a collaboration between Queens Ceramic Inc, Taiwan and Jaysons Holdings (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka. Queens has been a pioneering force in the field of building Quartz Stones and materials for decades and has gained many a strides for their eco-friendly, high quality, and product consistency nature. Jaysons Holdings has been a market leader for niche market luxury housing and interior, Property developing, hospitality and mineral trading. This collaboration between the two has given QJ a competitive edge over other market players. The QJ Quartz Stones combination focuses on the entire supply chain from mining raw quartz rock to installing and finishing pantry counter tops, floors, bathrooms and pools adopting a fully vertically integrated business model.

The supreme quality and designs of QJ Quartz Stones products hail from the watchful eyes and engineering discipline of our highly qualified and dedicated PHD level R & D team. This is the secret to QJ Quartz Stone products being a notable cut above the rest.

The secret behind QJ Quartz Stone’s success has a lot to do with social responsibility. In supporting the communities around which its business locations are established. Empowering people with financial aid and children with educational support. In 2015 alone they have been a part of supporting 2300 children. QJ Quartz Stone’s awareness of global warming and the environment makes QJ Quartz Stones one of the only organizations that focus on forestation. By the end of 2016 QJQuartz Stone would have planted over 1500 Trees.

We specialize in the production of Quartz surfaces for application across  able tops, kitchen tops, swimming pools, living rooms, with designs inspired by nature produced in Sri Lanka and Taiwan.  QJ Quartzstone has significant advantages over natural stone and other surfacing materials due to the superior strength and quality of the Sri Lankan Quartz